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Dewi wrote several plays. In the summer of 2009 she wrote and directed the youth play Rafi. Her play Air in The Kitchen Cupboards was selected for the New Dutch Festival. Her family play The Forgotten Forest came out in 2011. In the summer of 2012 she wrote online 8 short stories for the website about her life in Jakarta and Bali. You can read (in Dutch) about Dewi’s adventures here.

In 2013 she was shooting the film Perjalanan (The Journey) in Bandung and Jakarta in which she plays the lead role. Dewi was also a co-writer. Perjalanan got selected for Balinale International Film festival 2014 and CinemAsia Film Festival 2015. Watch the teaser.

In 2015 Dewi wrote Holy Mary, a short film with star actress Liz Snoijink in the lead role. The film got selected for SESIFF 2015 Extreme-Short film competition in Seoul, Korea and Shortcutz Amsterdam 2016 in the Netherlands. Check out Holy Mary.