A Real Vermeer

A Real Vermeer will be released 3 november in Dutch Cinemas. The historical film based on a true story about the legend Master Forger Han van Meegeren premiered in september at the Dutch Film Festival.  Dewi Reijs plays his wife Anna van Meegeren.

Dewi Reijs at the world premiere of A Real Vermeer.


Talented young artist, Han van Meegeren (Jeroen Spitzenberger), is a rebel in the 1920’s Dutch art scene; not because his work is avant garde, but because it is in the style of Old Masters like Rembrandt and Vermeer. 

When he falls madly in love with Jolanka, the wife of Holland’s most important critic, he makes a powerful enemy who destroys his career. To take revenge, he sets out to produce a perfect fake Vermeer to fool the art world and humiliate his enemy. Soon he is making a fortune from his forgeries, but when a high-ranking Nazi, Hermann Göring, knocks on his door, looking to get hold of a Vermeer for his own collection, Han finds himself caught in a web of betrayal and deceit with his life spinning out of control. 

The Hidden Force travels to Barcelona this summer

The Hidden Force is selected for the Festival Grec -Institut de Cultura de Barcelona.

The Grec Festival of Barcelona is an international theatre, dance, music and circus festival. Over the course of its history, this long-standing event, has become not only the major summer attraction in Barcelona, but also a reference on the European performing arts calendar.

Check out the programme for the 2016 Grec Festival.


Photography: Jan Versweyveld / Dewi Reijs (right) in The Hidden Force                           


"1900, Java. Otto van Oudijck governs his province with vigour. He sees himself as the representative of a superior European culture. He lives for his work. For the colony, which he wants to bring to a higher level. He is oblivious to the fact that his wife is having affairs with other men. But when Van Oudijck dismisses a local regent for misconduct, mysterious things start to happen in his house and around him....."

IDIOT is selected for the Cannes Court Métrage 2016

Last year, Dewi made her directorial debut with the short fiction film IDIOT starring the mentally handicapped Rahima Güngor and Emmy award winner Maryam Hassouni.
IDIOT is selected for the Cannes Court Métrage 2016 (the Short Film Corner).

Photography: Tessa Smit

Photography: Tessa Smit